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SmartCore Support Desk

Log and track support or help desk calls.  Make the status of calls visible to your customers and account managers over the web.  Track problem resolution, identify support bottlenecks and manage resources.  Search your SmartCore knowledge base for matching problems to review potential solutions and for related project and implementation information.

SmartCore's Support Desk module allows organisations to track Incidents and Requests raised internally or by their customers.

The feature-rich SLA timer component allows you to setup different SLAs for each customer, priority and type, or a combination of any other attributes.

The functionality provided by SmartCore Support Desk includes:

  • Configurable client portals
  • SLA tracking, escalation and exception reporting
  • Team and queue management
  • Automatic assignment of tasks to relevant individuals
  • Searchable knowledgebase and problem tracking
  • Community forums
  • Centralised correspondence and email portal with the ability to make certain correspondence private
  • Configurable template/canned responses
  • Ability to attach and view screenshots and log files
  • Root cause and resolution capture
  • Release, patch and build scheduling and tracking
  • Release note management and automation
  • Customer satisfaction surveys and metrics
  • Ability to subscribe to Incidents or Problems
  • Digest email notifications
  • Automated derivation of priority based on questionnaire
  • JIRA integration
  • Multi-audience support (e.g. client, support analyst, support manager, developer, tester, release manager, account manager etc.)
  • Multi-timezone, multi-lingual support

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