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SmartCore from Ninth Wave is designed with your business in mind.  Combining tried and tested "off the shelf" software solution technologies with bespoke software applications, SmartCore is able to meet your company's needs.

Our project and portfolio management software is specifically designed to help your organisation make tasks simpler.

Ninth Wave's overall SmartCore solution is comprised of Modules, Applications, Configured Solutions and Professional and Operational Services:


SmartCore Modules
A range of standard, off-the-shelf applications based
on best-practice design and processes.

SmartCore Applications

A combination of integrated modules, customised
to suit your business processes.

SmartCore Configured Solutions

A tailored solution, designed to fit your business but
in a fraction of the time required for bespoke software.

SmartCore Consulting

A range of professional and operational services
to support and enhance your SmartCore system.

The SmartCore Journey

This diagram shows the components of the SmartCore solution:

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