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SmartCore is a web based, highly adaptive platform allowing distributed users to collaborate and share both information and process in a controlled knowledge management environment.  SmartCore is designed to be flexible and adaptable, having all the benefits of a bespoke software application with the rapid deployment of an "off the shelf" software package.

SmartCore is designed specifically for rapid deployment.

    Smartcore Screenshot
  • Improved visual design and layout.
  • Added functionality.
  • Enhanced end-user experience
  • Faster and smoother navigation.
  • Lightened network load with faster speeds.
  • Cross-browser compatibility.
  • Applications can be tailored to your exact requirements without any programming; SmartCore is completely extensible, allowing dynamic manipulation of both the underlying data structure and the presentation layer.

    In addition to its comprehensive internal capabilities, SmartCore can integrate with or assimilate information from external email and groupware as well as scheduling and document management applications.  SmartCore provides you with an instant, universally available working environment wherever and whenever you need it.

    SmartCore is so named to reflect the intelligent nature of its flexible meta-described applications and its position as the unifying core of a wide range of previously disparate business functionality.

    SmartCore is a complete revision of Ninth Wave's highly successful PAT (Process Adaptive Technology) application.  The revision has incorporated recent technologies such as jQuery, Ext, JSON and AJAX.  After studying how our customers used their PAT systems, Ninth Wave decided to rewrite the product from the ground up as a scalable enterprise solution providing more in-browser functionality, multi-browser portability, scalability and improved performance.

    The SmartCore Journey

    This diagram shows the components of the SmartCore solution:

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