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Why is SmartCore Unique?

SmartCore is completely configurable

Ready-built system vendors expect you to change the way you work to suit their application terminology and functionality.  Even when they claim that their system is 'configurable,' this is often limited to a set list of superficial aspects (such as logos and colour scheme).

The unique technology behind SmartCore means that any aspect of a SmartCore Solution is adjustable quickly and easily including all screens, field labels, security settings, workflow functionality etc, etc.  And changes can be made without disruption to users.

SmartCore gives you control

SmartCore gives you control over how your user interfaces are configured.  Many vendors claim their products can be configured.  However, SmartCore user screens are controlled centrally, ensuring your users see as little or as much as you want them to see.

Any number of profiles and can be defined, with custom views and security settings for user groups and individual stakeholders.  Administration can switch to any user's view to resolve issues and provide remote online support.  Multi-level security ensures sensitive data is only accessible to authorised parties.

SmartCore evolves

SmartCore does not restrict functionality to initial requirements or concept.

Ninth Wave is a "one stop shop"

Ninth Wave does not expect other organisations to assist you with implementation, or to provide support or training.  Ninth Wave provides a single point of contact to guide you throughout the SmartCore configuration and implementation process.

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