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SmartCore Interfacing

SmartCore provides the following interfacing capabilities:

  • Bi-directional interface using a 'drop' directory (generally MS-Excel or csv)
  • Bi-directional interface to any SQL Data Source (for which a JDBC driver exists)
  • Bi-directional interface using http request/response
  • Bi-directional interface using email
  • Bi-directional interface using SmartCore's message queue
  • Bi-directional interface to MS-Project
  • Import of registered MS-Excel spreadsheets (one record per line, or individual cell reads, or range names)
  • Scripted export to MS-Excel
  • Scripted export to MS-Word
  • Scripted import and export to XML
  • Direct export in these formats: XML, MS-Excel, csv, plain text and PDF

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