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SmartCore Functional Components

Screen and Database Management

SmartCore allows authorised users to create views and drop multiple display elements on to them in order to produce sophisticated layouts configured to the user's exact requirements.  SmartCore allows users to create new tables, fields and relationships dynamically while the system is in use.

Query Designer

SmartCore has an intelligent filter builder that allows users to navigate through the data structure and create complex queries, including joins, without needing to understand SQL or third normal form.  Users can create and maintain lists of filters which can be used dynamically throughout the system.

Search Engine and Content Management

SmartCore includes powerful search and query tools at several levels designed to suit all classes of user. SmartCore can search for content within the database or in attached documents.Document and Email ManagementSmartCore has built-in document management capabilities, including version control, and can provide document content searching.

Workflow and Rules Evaluation

SmartCore scripting functions allow users to customise workflow to match process needs and create powerful and flexible end-to-end solutions.  Scripts may be executed based on a range of triggers, including on demand, timed and on the addition, editing and import of data.  

Report Writer

SmartCore's report writer allows all on-screen data and graphical outputs to be presented in report form, either in .pdf, MS-Word, MS-Excel and MS-PowerPoint formats.  Reports may be generated automatically or on-demand.

Audit Trail and History

SmartCore audits all changes and records history against user-specified items.  For instance, if a user changes a due date field, SmartCore will not only record the change but can also ask for a reason.  

Interface Engine

SmartCore can import and summarise MS Project files. SmartCore can also keep a full history of all project slippage together with reasons.

Microsoft Application Connectivity

SmartCore interfaces with Micsosoft Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint.  SmartCore has built in integration with email systems and allows emails to be sent, received and registered as part of the history of any data record.

Scripting Language and Event Triggers

SmartCore contains a full event model allowing scripts to carry out a range of complex user defined functions.


SmartCore is a secure system allowing the specification of individual and group rights to records, attributes and menu options.

Business Views

Project data may be viewed and filtered in multiple different formats.  SmartCore allows records to be viewed as lists, graphs, grids, dashboards, diaries, SASCO planners, Gantt charts and trees.  Specialised data may be viewed as scorecards, s-curves, timechart and timesheet views.  Any list may be dynamically reconfigured to display, for instance, the data as a graph or a grid.

Time Management and Analysis

SmartCore has comprehensive timesheet recording and management capabilities linked directly to project and resource management functions.  Time and cost data is subject to appropriate approval processes and is available on-line for analysis and reporting.

Help Engine

SmartCore provides context-sensitive help for all screens, keys, icons and labels.

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