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Pricing and ROI

SmartCore Pricing

SmartCore is sold as a core system, supplied together with one or more application modules. SmartCore is rented by the month, with the rental covering the software licence, support, maintenance and optionally, hosting. Pricing varies according to the number of update and timesheet users.

A SmartCore price list is available on request.  Please contact us for more information.  

Return on Investment (ROI)

SmartCore has the potential to save your organisation:

  • at least 10% of project manager and 5% of project team time, through a combination of reduced administration, easier communication and reporting, and more efficient delivery of projects.
  • at least 50% of programme/ project office administrative overhead, through improvements in communication and reporting
  • further financial benefits through better decision making, collaboration and delivering projects on or ahead of schedule.

These savings lead to SmartCore's return on investment (ROI) typically being achieved within 3-6 months.

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