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Off-the-Shelf or Bespoke?

Off-the-Shelf software may seem like the quickest and easiest option but our experience is that even the most generic software requires significant tailoring to fit it to the unique characteristics of actual organisations. SmartCore is designed with this in mind and, although it is packaged software, it provides the advantages of a bespoke solution.

SmartCore makes no prescriptive or rigid assumptions regarding information structure.  It is fully defined in metadata and allows real-time extensions and amendments to its own structure without any need for code changes.

SmartCore is designed from the ground up to be administered by ordinary business users.  It contains proprietary technologies to ensure that the average user is able to create structures, navigate and manipulate the application with minimal technical assistance and training.

Our customers can achieve fast-track implementation by modifying generic templates designed based on our experience of managing complex information.  Customers can easily add their own information structures to tailor these templates to their own unique requirements.

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