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How to try SmartCore

We recognise that selecting a new solution can be a daunting task, requiring the consolidation of a range of requirements and the evaluation of solutions from different vendors.  To help you with the selection process, Ninth Wave is able to provide the following:

Company and Product Information

There is a wealth of information about Ninth Wave and SmartCore on this website, including: 

-  Our Company and Customers

-  Our SmartCore software, including Reviews

-  The Services we provide and the Sectors we work in      

If there is any information that you need that you’re not able to find easily, please let us know.

Software Demonstration

We'll be pleased to provide you and your colleagues with a software demonstration.  These demonstrations are typically provided over the web, but we can provide in-person demonstrations at your premises or ours if that is appropriate.  Before any demonstration, we'll ask you to provide us with an overview of your requirements or the problem you are looking to solve.  If you like what you’ve seen on our website and would like a demonstration of SmartCore please get in touch.

Proof of Concept Trial

Some of our customers want to try SmartCore before they make a commitment to go live.  This is typically because they are still unsure, following our software demonstration, that SmartCore can meet all their requirements and want Ninth Wave to develop specific functionality in a new area, or because they need a working solution to demonstrate to colleagues before making a final decision.  In these circumstances Ninth Wave is happy to provide a "Proof of Concept" (PoC) trial.  Typically lasting no more than a few weeks, we would work with your team to understand your requirements, develop and configure a SmartCore solution that you will have access to and demonstrate this to you and your colleagues.  Ninth Wave would charge for our work during this PoC and for supporting SmartCore during any trial period.     

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