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Ninth Wave provides our customers with the option of using SmartCore hosted on our own secure servers.  Located at major data centres in the UK, these powerful servers host some of our main customer systems and support thousands of SmartCore users.

Choosing to host SmartCore with Ninth Wave:

  • provides a secure and high performance SmartCore environment,
  • avoids the need to set up and manage your own IT infrastructure,
  • enables people outside your organisation to access your SmartCore system if required,
  • provides the quickest means of deploying and updating SmartCore.

These servers are protected by a range of physical, electronic and environmental security measures, which include:

  • all production servers have dual processors, RAID disc arrays and redundant power supplies,
  • all servers are covered by a 24x7 4-hour fault to repair service contract with the manufacturer,
  • the hosting facilities are fully air-conditioned, with fire detection and suppression, lightning protection and water leak detection,
  • the facilities provide multiple diversely routed fibre connections to the internet,
  • the facilities provide both UPS and generator backup power in the event of mains power failure,
  • the facilities have 24x7 physical security and with intruder alarms and CCTV,
  • physical access to the production servers is strictly controlled using photo ID cards and an electronic door access control system,
  • customer access to SmartCore is protected by an SSL server certificate with 128-bit encryption,
  • incremental, full and off site backups, with optional disaster recovery services.

The hosting environment has been penetration-tested by independent security specialists and certified to provide a high level of security for commercially valuable data.

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