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The SmartCore system is highly configurable, allowing additional requirements to be met without programming, which may be carried out by authorised users via the web browser. 

With SmartCore it is possible to change data structures, page layout, views and filters whilst the system is in use (in a controlled fashion, given that the individual has the necessary access permissions to make such changes) and all via the web browser.  SmartCore provides:

-    system, group and individual user level customisation

-    audience specific views and workspaces

-    the ability to switch dynamically between multiple views of the data

-    colour schemes and custom graphics for clearer views and branding

-    filters to enable any subset of data to be selected

-    powerful audit, help, reporting, search and security features

-    passive and active workflow functionality

-    wizards, wikis and social media

This configuration of the system can be carried out by Ninth Wave or by customer staff once the appropriate skills transfer has taken place.

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