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The Transport sector is a wide and varied one encompassing passenger transportation and freight, logistics and distribution. The best managed and most profitable transport companies all have one thing in common; their use of flexible and process adaptive business software solutions. SmartCore from Ninth Wave is such a solution, allowing for the streamlining of business processes and operations. This in turn enables a reduction in costs, increased efficiency and the ability to react to ever changing market conditions and government regulations.

We understand that essentially the focus of any company operating in the transport sector is to attract customers through keen pricing and to retain them by improving business processes such as project management, document management and risk management.  SmartCore from Ninth Wave can help make these goals achievable by allowing you to access and manage real time information concerning your company and to address concerns as and when they arise.  SmartCore is both flexible and highly adaptable, offering a business software solution for the transport industry that will help you reduce costs whilst increasing productivity and innovation.

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