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Businesses in the retail industry operate in a world where the market evolves quickly and competition is fierce. In such a market it is vital to have a clear understanding of key management processes and activities. Ninth Wave offers management software for the retail sector that can help expedite business processes whilst reducing business risks. SmartCore can also act as a portfolio and project management software solution, improving the exchange of information for effective and efficient decision making. SmartCore provides for the calculation of return on investment and project scenario evaluation. Whatever your business needs, SmartCore is a flexible retail management software application that can adapt to fit your exact requirements.

We understand that every company operating in the retail industry needs to develop new and innovative ways to meet the needs of the consumer and to differentiate themselves from their competitors.  By improving business transparency and communication between users and drawing on its inherent flexibility, SmartCore is the ideal software solution to the retail sector’s ever changing requirements.

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