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IT & Telecoms

The IT and Telecoms sector is fast paced, competitive and ever evolving. IT companies and telecoms businesses are facing formidable pressure from customers to improve the products and services that they offer. SmartCore from Ninth Wave offers IT and Telecoms software solutions that can help businesses respond to their customers needs as well as to changes in industry practices and procedures.

Ninth Wave can provide you with a cost effective IT&T business software solution that will help you increase flexibility and profitability in both the short and long term.  SmartCore from Ninth Wave is able to do this since it is a configurable web based management software package that supports both traditional and new business processes.  By its very nature SmartCore also encourages collaboration from within your company allowing information to be disseminated quickly and easily.

At Ninth Wave we have experience of working with IT and Telecoms companies to source information management software to suit their needs.  Whether our customers are looking for “off the shelf” or bespoke software solutions, SmartCore is able to adapt to individual business requirements providing a robust and flexible platform that allows management of end to end business processes.

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