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The Insurance sector is currently facing more challenges than ever before. Insurance companies, insurance brokers and underwriters all need to reduce the cost of their business processes while delivering and developing services that increase customer numbers and improve customer satisfaction. SmartCore from Ninth Wave can provide configurable insurance software solutions that allow insurance institutions to simplify and maximise their current business operations.

Ninth Wave is able to deliver cost effective, high quality business software solutions and services to a wide range of companies within the insurance sector.  Whether our customers need document management software or risk management tools, SmartCore is a scalable enterprise solution that can provide the ultimate platform for increased productivity and business growth.

At Ninth Wave, we have experience in standardising, improving and implementing software for insurance companies.  Since SmartCore is a highly adaptable and scalable platform, it enables the creation of intricate business rules and processes whilst providing an intuitive interface that allows you to manage a wealth of information more efficiently.  We are confident that our insurance software solutions combined with our knowledge of the insurance sector will help your company meet its most pressing needs.


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