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The challenges faced by the healthcare industry are numerous. Improvements in patient care need to be made, escalating costs controlled and government regulations met. As a healthcare software solution, SmartCore can help streamline your business processes enabling you to concentrate on running a patient focussed organisation.

We understand that people working in the healthcare sector have very little time to spare.  SmartCore from Ninth Wave is a web based application that can help you use your time more constructively. Whether you are looking for project management software for hospitals, document management tools for a GPs surgery or healthcare management software solutions, SmartCore can help in effectively organising all areas of your company.

The healthcare industry, by its very nature, is information intensive and it’s vital that companies within this sector have software solutions that can make the sharing of information as easy as possible.  SmartCore is a highly scalable and adaptable platform that can increase business collaboration in the most cost effective way.  By enabling companies to share resources quickly and easily, SmartCore helps your organisation run more efficiently.

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