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Energy & Utilities

Since the beginning of the new millennium, companies in the energy and utilities sector have seen rapid growth in global energy and water consumption. This growth is expected to continue and in order to succeed, these companies need software solutions that will help increase their organisations’ flexibility and improve accurate decision making. These solutions are needed to help manage the huge investments being made across the sector. SmartCore is configurable web based software that enables energy and utility companies to manage and streamline their business processes, ensuring that consumers, clients and investors receive the highest level of service.

As a software solution for the energy and water supply industry, SmartCore is flexible with the ability to adapt to the specific challenges faced by those in this sector.  Ninth Wave has worked closely with some of the UK’s leading energy companies, to help them meet their needs in the area of carbon emissions management reporting.  Our aim is always to understand your business’s requirements and provide you with effective software solutions to manage them.

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