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Banking & Finance

The Banking and Financial Services sector is witnessing a transformation in products, processes, markets and regulations. Configurable web based software allows companies in the sector to adjust business processes quickly to respond to changes and opportunities within the market.

SmartCore from Ninth Wave offers ease and speed of access, scalability and security: key requirements for a banking software package in today's financial climate.

Streamline, consolidate and accelerate access to real-time management information

SmartCore can transform our customers' business processes whether they need project portfolio management (PPM) software or tools for assessing risks, dependency management or benefits tracking.  SmartCore is used for a wide range of business applications for banks and financial institutions, organising people and projects by streamlining, consolidating and accelerating access to real-time management information.  SmartCore provides our customers with the banking software framework they need for increased productivity.

At Ninth Wave, we have extensive experience supporting project and programme management in banks and financial institutions during corporate mergers and integration.  Our knowledge and understanding of the issues that arise concerning business software applications when companies merge and integrate can ensure that your business has valuable advice on the options available to undertake the work required.  We are confident that our banking software solutions can help your company move forward.

FSQS Certification

Ninth Wave has been certified with the Financial Services Qualification Scheme since 2015: 


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