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Aerospace & Defence

Companies operating in the aerospace and defence industry require software solutions that will help keep their businesses both profitable and compliant with stringent health and safety standards. Programmes and projects must be managed throughout their entire lifecycle, which may be decades long, typically involving collaboration between customers and consortia of suppliers.

The reality of operating within the A&D sector is that the market is changing.  Increased globalisation combined with rapid and complex product growth point to the need for aerospace and defence software solutions to be secure whilst being as user friendly as possible, enabling your business to meet industry challenges head on.

SmartCore from Ninth Wave offers robust functionality allowing your company to address its most critical business issues in the most proficient manner.  SmartCore is a flexible aerospace and defence software application with project management, risk management and document management capabilities.  It is a highly adaptable, reliable and rapidly configured platform that can enable your business to grow and develop whilst maintaining the highest standards.

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