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'Behind The Dashboard'

Behind The Dashboard - Strategies for Management Reporting    (running time 38 minutes)

Developing corporate, programme and project dashboards is a common technique for reporting delivery and highlighting problems. In this webinar we discuss some of the management reporting techniques "Behind The Dashboard" and address the following issues;

-  providing dashboards for organisations, roles, teams and individuals 
-  identifying issues and problems
-  highlighting delivery and performance
-  using trend analysis to identify problems which are not getting fixed
-  spending more time "doing" and less time reporting
-  using data classes to consolidate reporting
-  understanding the risks of real-time reporting
-  how not to undermine organisation and reporting structures

We demonstrate how Ninth Wave's SmartCore solution is used to create highly configurable, web-based, interactive dashboards. We will show how a SmartCore solution can support complex management reporting needs whilst reducing the overhead of data collection and analysis.

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