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Transatlantic Secure Collaboration

Project Solutions Corporation (PSC) is an international consultancy specialising in the design and implementation of Program, Project and Performance Management frameworks, practices, process and tool-based solutions - see Typical PSC engagements are on complex, multi-participant, multi-project endeavours, often working across national boundaries.

Since May 2005, PSC has been engaged by the Transatlantic Secure Collaboration Program (TSCP - see providing program management and project/work stream management and support services as part of the TSCP Program Office.  TSCP is a collaborative program involving many of the front-line aerospace & defence companies, including: BAE Systems, Boeing, EADS, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and Rolls-Royce. The US DOD and UK MOD are also TSCP participants. The requirement was for a unifying program collaboration tool that could be rapidly deployed across this diverse set of participants with a 'light touch' and minimum adverse impact on their individual ways of working.

Increasing TSCP prototype activities in 2006 generated the requirement for an effective, shared program management and collaboration tool across the more than 10 participating organisations. In early May, PSC selected PAT and we completed the initial implementation of the TSCP program office toolset within five weeks, to support the end-June program review by the TSCP governance board. We have since made further enhancements of functionality and reporting, and PAT is now the primary mechanism for sharing and deploying project management, deliverables, participant contacts and meeting information across the TSCP program and its seven work stream teams.

"We have been delighted with PAT.  It's an extremely powerful and comprehensive tool, yet very flexible and intuitive.  The rapid roll-out of the TSCP program dashboard and supporting work stream applications that we achieved is a credit both to the PAT product and the commitment of the Ninth Wave team that supported us."

Terence Calnan
TSCP Program Delivery Manager

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