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MCPS-PRS Alliance

The MCPS-PRS Alliance is the operational alliance between the Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society (MCPS) and The Performing Right Society (PRS).  The PRS collects and distributes licence fees for the public performance and broadcast of musical works.  The MCPS collects and distributes 'mechanical' royalties generated from the recording of music onto many different formats.

Ninth Wave have implemented PAT to support, manage and report on their program of IT projects and provide time and cost recording for the permanent staff and contractors who work on these projects.  The system is used by business sponsors, IT management, project managers, team members and the program office.

"We are using PAT as both a project database and a time sheet system. The flexibility of the configuration has made it easy to adapt the system to meet our needs and we are now starting to realise benefits from sharing information and being able to present it in varied formats for different audiences. Ninth Wave have proved to be a responsive and professional supplier and have been supportive throughout the initial implementation and our on-going use of their product."

Chris Gardner
Executive Director, IT
MCPS-PRS Alliance

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