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Lloyds TSB

Article by Julian Goldsmith
Published on, 4 April 2008

Lloyds TSB has made a multimillion-pound investment in a software toolkit to help improve project management across the bank.  According to Lloyds TSB's head of tools, change management services Leslie Gibson, the bank has many hundreds of projects running simultaneously across its 30 business units at any one time.

The toolkit, called PAT from Ninth Wave, allows project managers to plan and execute the various stages of the project, from initial ideas, to formulating a business case, to completion and using work-flow parameters. Tools for assessing risk and dependency management are also included. The software is web-based and data can be made available through it to every member of the project team.

Gibson told the toolkit will be rolled out to 2,000 project managers within the bank, but many more staff will access data through it.  He said: "Everyone will get the same consistent view of the progress of the project. It will also help managers to assess the performance of all ongoing projects."

Gibson said Lloyds had a history of best practice in project management and the toolkit would ensure that this level of best practice was being adopted in every project throughout the organisation.  He said: "Lloyds TSB is constantly launching new projects, such as creating new products into the branches, internal transformation, branch refurbishments.  Project management underpins the company.  Using this toolkit means we can manage this project more efficiently, making us much more agile as a company."

The Lloyds TSB Story

Press Release 15 Feb 08

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