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Press Release 15 September 2016: SmartCore Service Desk at JHC

Project Manager Today, November/ December 2014: SmartCore Software Review 2014

City AM Project Management Report, October 2013: City AM - Project Management Report

Project Control Professional, August 2013: SmartCore - a technology to ease your spreadsheet fixation

Project Manager Today, July/ August 2011: SmartCore 4 Software Review, 25 April 2008: Lloyds TSB implements Ninth Wave project management tool, 08 April 2008: Lloyds TSB implements change management tool

Computer Weekly, 09 April 2008: Lloyds TSB rolls out change management software, 04 March 2008: Lloyds TSB beefs up project management

Press Release 15 February 2008: Ninth Wave secures Lloyds TSB Contract to implement its PAT System

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